Are you different?

Are you different? You are. I’ve discovered that you and many others want to do more than talk about a better future. You want to take action. It seems hard some days, but don’t let it get you down. It’s actually quite easy and we have everything we need. Read on.

On those darker days we ask, are we making any progress? What are we up against? Reading the news can be demoralizing and changes our view of the world. The stories about murder, mayhem, bad ideas, scandal and salaciousness grab the headlines. The people with power seem inaccessible and busy with immediate crises. I often feel powerless to help change things. But actually things have changed a lot lately. We’re beginning to turn the corner.


Back around 1999 I felt powerless and was trying to explain to my 5-year-old son that there was plenty of talk about helping with climate change, but precious little action. He said innocently, “But we’re different, right Dad? We’re helping.” He looked straight into my eyes. I had nothing but lame responses. That moment has never left me. It changed me. It focussed me.

I was caught up in family and professional pressures. I think I lacked humility and saw myself as successful, having spent some years writing ads, PR and journalism for money. I’m not overly qualified to do other things, so since then I’ve been looking for people like you. People who are different. People with simple, positive stories. Our stories might not be salacious or scandalous; but we can make them fun and uplifting.


As I have gathered and shared your stories in the last 12 or 13 years, I’ve learned that we are making more progress than I ever imagined. Ironically, we don’t talk about it enough. These tales don’t often create juicy daily headlines partly because the people who became wealthy the old way are spending a lot of money spreading their version of the truth; to prevent advancements that work against their wealth on one hand; and to monopolize and manipulate the new energy age for their future gain on the other.

So we need to share our great green stories. We need to compete with the misinformation and the missed information. We need to motivate each other. We need to provide how-to info. We need to help everyone benefit from our changing world.

By interviewing experts and researching stories for newspapers, magazines, politicians, reports, and documentaries, I’ve learned in minute technical detail that science has already created, and is currently refining, pretty much everything we need, (more than we need), not only to fix the planet environmentally, but economically too. There have been hiccups as expected, but on the whole these new energy businesses are now being commercialized and making plenty of money. The proof is that now investors are beginning to wake up to the opportunity (We’re turning the corner). I’m not saying any of this tentatively anymore. I’ve never been so sure about anything in my life. Read this blog for complete, hopefully digestible details. I have more material about great people than I can ever publish. I can connect you with scientists, energy specialists, investors, financiers, manufacturers, designers, builders and on an on. They know more or less what the future holds. And they know that you and I have a role to play. We need to share our stories and give change the push it needs.


People like you and I, and local and regional government people, people in businesses big and small –We’re much more active than we even realize. The nightly news reports what national governments and country leaders are saying. But these individuals barely participate in change and do so at a snail’s pace, building consensus, managing messages and people. They rarely say anything bold, or act on long term planning, right? Too risky for them. They’re trying to keep all the balls in the air, react to the latest crises, not offend the voters or the wealthy, the campaign contributors.


Are you different? You are. You are ready to act. Please send me stories about sustainability and great people. I collect them all. Then I spread them. Any story. One sentence or a lot of sentences. A photo or video or link. It’s pretty easy. A few clicks. A few minutes.

My answer to my son’s question in 1999 is that yes, we’re different. We’re helping. We’re uncovering and spreading the really spectacular, juiciest news in our world. Please help me do it. Please send me great green stories.