Choose the right heat/cool system for your situation


The world is changing the way we heat and cool buildings, but we are all a part of that change. We may say cynically that too many decisions in the world are based on money, but the reality is we have to pay our bills, and we therefore have to choose green technologies that make economic sense. How much is the install (capital) cost? Or more to the point, how much is the financing and resale bump? Most important how much is the utility (operating) cost savings each month?

Lots of inventions turn out to be not as good as others; and although in general green tech is not a new invention and has decades of proof, it is being refined all the time with claimed improvements that might be untested. Heating & cooling is saving a ton of money right now, but every building and its variables are different. Before you commit enthusiastically to a new green heating and cooling system, start with an accurate fuel cost comparison. It’s not just how much the fuel costs per BTU, but also how efficient the mechanics are, both the appliances and the distribution within your building. With your green tech heating and cooling guy sitting next to you go to and get him to honestly estimate some numbers to put into the calculator to make sure you are making a wise decision. (Then get 2 more quotes and do the same exercise with those heating and cooling people) Then go get a good deal from your bank manager on the financing.



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