Al Gore Adds 1250 Team Members & More Resources

ag_aboutSome 1250 high quality communicators from 70+ countries and all 50 USA States attended training in Chicago this week for Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project (CRP). I was privileged to be among them. We will join an existing team of more than 5,000 Climate Leaders worldwide.


Gore announced that the international Climate Reality Project will significantly boost resources in the coming months behind campaigns designed to:

• Maintain the momentum of the world majority who want climate action

• Counter what Gore referred to as the state of paralysis in some areas created by the ‘Deniers  Industry” (lobbyists) which now exists in just 4 countries: Canada, USA, UK and Australia.

Canadians returned Friday with renewed determination to turn up the heat on politicians, corporations and anyone else who chooses to ignore what scientists and other experts have been saying for years about

  • Climate change
  • Health
  • The fossil fuel economy
  • Extreme weather events

CRP ballroom


Gore also said a coming massive media blitz will focus on the true cost of carbon in our economy in dollars and cents. He pointed out the danger to companies who refuse to recognize this cost. When governments move to punish polluters these companies will be seriously devalued and their shareholders and directors will suffer. Share prices will drop and insurance companies are already urging companies to include climate change in their operating strategies or face coverage gaps.

CPR CEO Maggie Fox announced that the organization will widely promote campaigns to pressure deniers on numerous media and social media fronts; and will establish a new set of awards ‘recognizing’ the leaders in the climate change denial business. “We will name and shame,” any organization that engages in creating doubt about a reality that is accepted by 98% of the world’s scientists,” she said.


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