Be vocal. Vote wisely. Start now.Earth modified SMALLER

It’s not difficult and it’s not complicated. Let’s not be confused about how to solve climate change. We need governments to act. We don’t need better inventions. We’ve already got most of the tech we’ll need. We don’t need complex laws either. Just some honesty.

1. Governments: Forget all the crap and trade, carbon credit mumbo jumbo. It’s very simple. Polluters pay. They’re destroying our home. They must pay. Tell  government leaders they’ll pay too (in the next election)  if they don’t tackle this now. Be vocal. Vote wisely. Start now.

2. Conservation in Buildings: Save a lot of money by insulating your building to the max. Google “passive house” and learn the truth about heating & cooling. You don’t even need a furnace, or air conditioning.

3. Heating & Cooling in Buildings: Install solar tech, geothermal, distict heating & cooling. Insist that banks and utilities finance it. They work for you. Tell governments to either stop giving your tax dollars to fossil fuel companies, or give more to you for clean tech. They also work for you.

4. Energy: Tell your governments to move away from fossil fuel based electricity generation. Quit wasting vast quantities of public money on highly dangerous nuke budget overruns. We can build a cheaper, clean energy solar farm in 24 months, instead of 16 years. Stop whining about windmills. Oil spills are uglier. This is the new reality!

5. Transportation: Stop making excuses and buy an electric car. Put two panels on your garage roof to power it. You’ll save thousands every year on gas. These vehicles are no more problematic than any car. Don’t believe the crap you read.

6. Public Transit: It’s easy to understand that a train carries a lot more people with less energy than a bunch of cars congested together. Transit investment should be near the top of your city’s priority list. Insanely, it’s not. Why not?

7. Business: Do you know what is the fastest growing business in the world? Duh, It’s clean tech. Make money. Click here. Is your pension plan investing in clean tech? What’s the world’s biggest looming financial risk for businesses? Insurers say, not planning for climate change.

Don’t be confused. Recycling and cycling and organic food are all great. Lots of emerging inventions will become helpful. But serious change demands action now on the 7 items above.


The weather has gone completely wacky. The North Pole and Greenland are melting. Glaciers that feed rivers for hundreds of millions of us are vapourizing. What’s complicated about this? Wake up! It’s time to get serious about climate change. It’s time to act. Take individual responsibility. It’s not someone else’s problem.

Be vocal. Vote wisely. Start now.


3 thoughts on “THE 7 WAYS WE SAVE THE WORLD IN 2014

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