The Sun and the Moon

jfk 3300px-Barack_Obama_speaks_at_Nellis_AFB_2009-05-27_2Google and its CEO Larry Page are promoting an exciting concept about growing businesses and advancing societies called “moonshot thinking.” It is named in part for the inspirational moment when John F. Kennedy said that America would shoot for the moon, even though it had no idea how it would get there. Page says this is the only way to change the world. In business it means don’t create a strategy to improve by 10%, build one to improve by 1000%, or to expand by 10 times.

According to the solar industry is doing something along these lines. The site reports that solar jobs are being added in the USA ten times faster than average national employment growth. These are local jobs. These are jobs in a business that has a trajectory clearly indicating a promising future.

Many of our top decision-makers are business leaders or the politicians who listen to them. It’s time for those decision-makers to recognize that the future is here already. If you truly care about building tomorrow’s economy, it’s time to recognize what that really means. Click here to read more about this.


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