Consumer decisions are very important

PriusBelow is  a link to two Globe and Mail reporters talking on video at the auto show about hybrid vehicles vs. conventional gas engines. They agree that hybrid cars are still priced $5000 or $6000 higher (although this gap is closing), but that they save fuel.

The more traditional reporter claims it will take up to 10 years to recover the differential in fuel savings and he’d rather bank the cash and avoid the hybrid. Short term thinking. Our society is still ruled by it.

The slightly more progressive gent says four years to recover the savings, so buy a hybrid or electric if you plan to keep the car 4-5 years because its economically smarter; plus he’s not really a tree hugger, ‘but there’s that too.”

You see even for progressive journalists it’s out of fashion in just four of the world’s countries for the media to talk about a problem that 100% of the world’s credible, science-journal-published scientists agree is the biggest crisis in the planet’s history, and the defining issue of our era. The reason it’s out of fashion is because in these four countries (USA, UK, Canada, Australia) the profession of carbon-lobbyist pays well. Out of work journalists can work as freelancers, sowing just enough doubt to cause their colleagues in the media to continue to use the assinine phrase: “the climate debate.” In fact, there is no debate; hasn’t been for years. Only out-of-step, sloppy, aging journalists still use this phrase.

National governments, who have never been known to lead, but rather to follow; take their cues from bad journalists because national governments are led by politicians who only read briefings, and the media is able to simplify the language of scientists for them, like a briefing. So national governments drag their feet, making our progression to the new energy age slow and, ironically, damaging the future-readiness of our economies.

This discussion between the Globe reporters epitomizes the issues facing the mainstream consumer in this world, relative to the worsening climate change problem and imminent increases in non-renewable energy costs. Make the right decision and vote with our wallets. Buy a Prius or a Leaf or Volt now; or a Tesla if you can afford more. If buying in 2016 or 2017 wait for the new affordable Tesla sedan. Within about 3 years, there won’t even be a ‘debate’ about which car to buy. Just like the ‘debate’ about solar energy is now over.

Here’s the link:


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