Everyone should watch this

Professionally, I’m a commercial writer and videographer, so although I wish everyone on earth would  click on the picture below and watch the whole video, I know most people won’t; because its 18 minutes long.Elon Musk Powerwall

So I’ll try to tell you about it in a few sentences. It’s a presentation by Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, the electric car people. He’s unveiling two products: A home battery system that you hang on your wall and an industrial battery system, that big organizations can use for more demanding needs than a residential home.

The home battery can be ordered today for $3500. A big enough home solar panel system is still a bit expensive to install, but as many people know, these costs have dropped by more than 80% in the past 5 years and will continue dropping. It’s similar with electric cars, they still cost more than most of us can afford, but that is changing really quickly too. Tesla is right now building a massive battery factory in Nevada, which Musk says is the first of many that will be built by his company and others, all over the world. So batteries for solar-panel-homes and home charging of electric cars will soon be accessible to a lot more people in ordinary income brackets. Electric vehicle makers are right now quickly eliminating long distance concerns and the other worries we have about them.

This home battery announcement is further proof that the world is going to change big time, despite all the BS that status quo industries pay lobbyists to shovel at us. So in addition to making our planet healthier, it is now really starting to make economic sense for ordinary people to shift more to electricity and away from fossil fuels.


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