How can I win in the new energy age?

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ALTRUISM VS. PRAGMATISM  Some of my environmental friends want me to be altruistic all the time. Well I am pretty altruistic. That’s why I spend most of my personal and professional time working on education about climate change. But you’ll notice the word ‘professional’ in the above sentence because often I get paid for writing articles and making videos about clean tech, government sustainability policy and energy economics. I do it so I can pay my mortgage and my son’s tuition just like a lot of other people in the world. Self interest is the reality most of us live with, so it’s important to understand that now that the Paris climate change commitments have been made, we’re about to embark on a very fast, exceedingly dramatic worldwide economic transition, that will likely affect the personal finances of most of us.

The good news about the clean tech revolution is that it is quite simply technological change. It’s no different than the introduction of agriculture, the wheel, the telephone, the lightbulb, the internet or the mobile phone. But adoption might be blindingly fast. Some people got rich on all of those big changes, most didn’t. Some people became more efficient or had to radically change the way they do their jobs or run their businesses because of technology change.

An earlier career for me involved advertising agencies. When the Mac computer or digital photography or PhotoShop came along, these advances changed our business, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. It depended on how we reacted; on whether we wined and complained or recognized the opportunity.

THE END OF OIL WILL BE A BIG, FAST CHANGE  In the next 3-4 decades the entire world is going to be hit by the shift of our main economic trading currency away from coal, oil and gas, toward cleaner energy, building and transportation systems.You may think this is all going to come at you pretty fast and you might be thinking, “I’m just not prepared.”

Are there ways that I can save a bunch of money during this shift? Can I avoid buying into something that’s an unproven debacle? Can I maybe even cash in on this big shift by getting myself into a business that is poised to do well?

IT’S PRETTY EASY & YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO WIN  The answer to all those questions can be found in the pages of a book I’ve just spent 15 years researching. Through expert interviews, case studies and top 10 lists, it will help you easily review the nuts and bolts of clean tech that works, financing programs that work, and wannabe stuff that needs more development, and should be avoided.

You know, all the arguing over climate change is now ending. It’s time to get to work and make something out of cleaner electricity, cleaner heating and cooling, cleaner transportations systems. Click here and order a copy of my book and video app. It will help you with all of the above, and provide a top 10 list of priority actions for someone in your profession or your circumstances.Comic signed





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