There aren’t very many real climate damage deniers left, apart from those on a fossil fuel company payroll. And the big fossil fuel companies have all begun to invest heavily in the technology of tomorrow, so they won’t need the spinners for too much longer. But I’m making this page for a particular person and if I encounter others like him I will direct them here.

The usual schtick of the denier is to criticize the scientific methodology of studies and presentations that don’t jive with his view of the world and avidly promote ‘science’ that does. Although I have respect for the scientific method and its superiority over bases for conclusions in some other disciplines, I still recognize it has weaknesses and vulnerabilities to go along with its strengths. So as educated thinking individuals I think we all, scientists or otherwise, need to draw our conclusions based on the ‘weight of evidence,” including very scientific evidence and anecdotal or semi-correlational stuff like the polar ice caps and glaciers and Greenland melting; like the headache I had for two weeks in Beijing and Shanghai, despite the fact that I’ve gone decades with almost no headaches in other places.

Below are a bunch of charts for climate damage deniers to peruse. I’m not making sure they’re posted neatly or providing any accompanying commentary, because I’m tired of pretending there is any real debate worth having anymore. Climate deniers, please peruse and ponder the charts below or this article which provides accurate scientific information addressing all the ridiculous myths created by lobbyists for obsolete technologies in the fossil fuel area; then believe anything you want. IF you’e claiming climat change isn’t really hurting anyone, look up the the study in this article.


Carbon-T-F global-jan-dec-error-bar-pg HOCKEY images ipcc-fcst-temp M08 mann_hockeystick Moberg_Hockey_Stick-1 Moberg_Hockey_Stick MWPLIACO2


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