How can I win in the new energy age?

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ALTRUISM VS. PRAGMATISM  Some of my environmental friends want me to be altruistic all the time. Well I am pretty altruistic. That’s why I spend most of my personal and professional time working on education about climate change. But you’ll notice the word ‘professional’ in the above sentence because often I get paid for writing articles and making videos about clean tech, government sustainability policy and energy economics. I do it so I can pay my mortgage and my son’s tuition just like a lot of other people in the world. Self interest is the reality most of us live with, so it’s important to understand that now that the Paris climate change commitments have been made, we’re about to embark on a very fast, exceedingly dramatic worldwide economic transition, that will likely affect the personal finances of most of us.

The good news about the clean tech revolution is that it is quite simply technological change. It’s no different than the introduction of agriculture, the wheel, the telephone, the lightbulb, the internet or the mobile phone. But adoption might be blindingly fast. Some people got rich on all of those big changes, most didn’t. Some people became more efficient or had to radically change the way they do their jobs or run their businesses because of technology change.

An earlier career for me involved advertising agencies. When the Mac computer or digital photography or PhotoShop came along, these advances changed our business, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. It depended on how we reacted; on whether we wined and complained or recognized the opportunity.

THE END OF OIL WILL BE A BIG, FAST CHANGE  In the next 3-4 decades the entire world is going to be hit by the shift of our main economic trading currency away from coal, oil and gas, toward cleaner energy, building and transportation systems.You may think this is all going to come at you pretty fast and you might be thinking, “I’m just not prepared.”

Are there ways that I can save a bunch of money during this shift? Can I avoid buying into something that’s an unproven debacle? Can I maybe even cash in on this big shift by getting myself into a business that is poised to do well?

IT’S PRETTY EASY & YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO WIN  The answer to all those questions can be found in the pages of a book I’ve just spent 15 years researching. Through expert interviews, case studies and top 10 lists, it will help you easily review the nuts and bolts of clean tech that works, financing programs that work, and wannabe stuff that needs more development, and should be avoided.

You know, all the arguing over climate change is now ending. It’s time to get to work and make something out of cleaner electricity, cleaner heating and cooling, cleaner transportations systems. Click here and order a copy of my book and video app. It will help you with all of the above, and provide a top 10 list of priority actions for someone in your profession or your circumstances.Comic signed





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What’s next?

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Do We Know HOW to fight climate change?

Ok we’ve finally agreed to get serious in the battle against climate change. Do we know HOW?

The top 10 lists are welcome, according to the first few backers of my new book. When I started interviewing experts about climate change more than 15 years ago, I didn’t have any idea what were the priorities; so I asked.

Years later, after hundreds of interviews I’m finding out that other people are like me. They know we have a problem. They know we all have to participate. The question is, HOW?

They agree the information on the best action steps is valuable so they can help fight climate change, save money on their bills, and maybe even cash in a bit on the clean tech revolution.

So based on the early feedback from my backers, I’ve created the new promo below for my new book, video app and kickstarter campaign. Please visit the campaign using the book title “STEP-BY-STEP HOW TO BEAT CLIMATE CHANGE” at Please also share the link with your friends. Thanks for your support.

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It’s time for shameless promotion of an important project

OK I’m sure I’m breaking all the rules of social media, online marketing, etc., but it’s time for me to promote something that I’ve been working on for 15 years and is obviously very close to my heart.

You see we don’t really need to talk any more about what we’re doing wrong with climate change. Now we need a step-by-step how-to guidebook to do things right.

People who know me are aware that I’ve built a career as a green journalist and videographer, interviewing experts on clean technologies, green government policies and global energy economics. Now I’ve started a book, a video app and a kickstarter site to get some momentum and some attention in the right places.

Climate change how-to guide


I’m doing it because I care about the planet and I believe you do too. And also of course because it’s a career –So there’s some self-interest (or more accurately self-preservation, I’m not getting rich). Regarding your self interest: Click on the project and arrange to download your Top 10 List and you will no longer feel like you’re not really sure what we should do first, what will make the most impact, how you can personally benefit from the coming clean tech business bonanza, and so on.

I’m announcing it now and doing it now because we seriously need it now. World leaders and corporations know we’re running out of time and are finally ready to stop asking: “Should we fight climate change?” They are finally asking instead: “HOW should we fight climate change?”

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but in my online and real world travels around the climate change world I’ve found lots of really great people with valuable information that answers this question. But I’ve found way more people who just don’t have a clue. It’s my personal mission in life to connect the former with the latter and spread the climate change solution gospel.


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I’m using TOP 10 LISTS (backed by solid detailed research and expert opinions) because I’m trying to do it in a very easy-to-read way (with easy to view videos); because there are just too many people telling us that it’s complicated, when it’s not. It’s formidable and challenging and requires the commitment of us all; but it’s not that complicated. The experts and I have compiled different TOP 10 LISTS for different people such as homeowners, business owners, policymakers, city planners, corporate executives, teachers, media people, stand-up comics, community organizers, etc. We have all the solutions we need to meet the challenge. We just need more of what everybody on the planet has to give: political will.

So please go look at this project and take action now to become part of the solution.

Despicable corporate crime by Volkswagen

Volkswagen created a software program that turned on pollution controls only when the car was being tested for pollution controls; as a result, millions of VWs have been polluting up to 40 times the legal limit for the past seven years. And although they have stopped selling them this way, Volkswagen has not announced a recall. This can only be described as disgusting corporate criminal activity.

They are the worst kind of cheaters, arrogant, hypocritical and misleading in their advertising. What kind of a sick mind could even conceive such a trick? How stupid is the management that it let this go on for seven years? Heads must roll throughout the management ranks, hefty fines and imprisonment must be meted out. No deals from the EPA. Everyone, please sell your shares. Everyone else, please sue Volkswagen for damages.

They have cheated their shareholders by destroying the brand, chiselled their competitors by avoiding the product development investments others made, ripped off their customers, selling them something that’s now nearly worthless, wreaked untold damage on Germany’s previously stellar reputation for clean tech, engineering excellence and integrity, and they owe the rest of us any money they have left for the damage they have done to our only home, the planet Earth. I have absolutely no sympathy for the Volkswagen management team. The more brutal the punishments the better. I expect it will destroy the company; and it should. There are undoubtedly good people who work there who have also been betrayed. Sadly, they should get their resumés in order now.

Unfortunately this is the ugliest example of green washing I’ve seen and it serves as a reminder that sometimes the market cannot be trusted to do anything but think about short term profits and bonuses. That’s why governments must make interventions into the market relating to issues like climate change. We must have strong regulations, a price on carbon and unmitigated punishment for despicable corporate crimes, like those committed by Volkswagen.

When will petitions become class action lawsuits?


This year environmental groups all over the world are collecting millions of signatures on petitions to bring to the Paris climate talks in December. The intention is to prove that ordinary people want their governments to act quickly and seriously. We expect, perhaps naively, that government people who want to be re-elected will see the writing on the wall and will get serious with climate change.

What if those signatures were on class action lawsuits instead? Environmental lawyers are now finding numerous ways to punish governments and polluters who together seem to collude to destroy the only home we have without repercussions. An example is another recent landmark ruling in The Hague, that found that the Dutch government has a duty to protect its citizens from climate change. The old argument that a government can blame neighbouring governments and thus shirk its responsibilities was thrown out.

While we bring our petitions, governments will use the Paris photo op to make great pronouncements about their intentions, then return home and try to implement a plan. Some will intervene in their domestic economy and build strength, creating jobs through the clean tech bonanza. Others will continue to be manipulated by the big fossil fuel companies and drag their feet, being left behind by the rest of the world both environmentally and economically. Someone needs to pay for this environmental and economic neglect of citizens. It might be time for environment groups to create a different kind of carbon bubble, based on class action lawsuits as a first step toward ever more severe punishment.

Here’s the link to the Dutch story.